RED Worship Auditions




Where: Hampton Campus Sanctuary

When: September 10th, right after 11:15 service

Songs: Choose 2 songs (one from each category) of the following to prepare



Lion and the Lamb -

Only Wanna Sing -



What A Beautiful Name -

In Christ Alone -


How do students know exactly when they will be auditioning?

We will be taking students one by one until every student has auditioned. There are no scheduled audition time slots. We are anticipating that the last audition will be over around 2:30. Students should plan to contact parents as soon as their audition is over. 

What should students come prepared with for an audition?

This depends on what the student will be auditioning for. If it's vocals, students should just plan to be able to sing the melody and know the words (harmonies if able). Instrumentalists should try to learn their parts as close to the recording as possible. If the student can't tell what's in the recording, the student should just play along with the song the best that they can.