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You and your small group can win a 3 day trip to the beach. The small group with the most synergy points at the end of the 4 month period wins! Groups receive synergy points when their members show up on a Wednesday night. Groups can receive way more synergy points by bringing friends who have never been to 220 before and they'll get even more points for coming back the next week, the week after, and so on. Here's the points you can earn every Wednesday:

Regular attender: 1000 pts

1st time guest: 1000 pts

2nd time guest: 2000pts

3rd time guest: 3000 pts

4th time guest: 4000pts

5th time guest: 5000 pts

WKND guest: 6000 pts

The points system is PER CAPITA which means that larger groups don't necessarily have an advantage for starting out bigger - it's about which group grows the most and has consistent attendance. 

(middle school will compete separately from high school, meaning there will be both a middle school and high school winner)