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What is RED Connect?

RED Connect is a program that will meet on Sunday afternoons, designed to connect 6-12th graders small interest groups, or "Connect Groups". A large portion of Connect Groups will be Fine Arts group categories. There is also a sports group, a video game group, and a bible quiz group. The day will be be broken up into 5 blocks:

1:00-1:40 - "All Connect" - Every student will meet together in the Chapel for a teaching moment to have a time to connect and grow together

1:45-2:45 - Block 1

2:50-3:50 - Block 2

3:55-4:55 - Block 3

5:00-6:00 - Block 4


Click below for more information about what Fine Arts is and how you can participate


Click below for our sign up form and for a comprehensive list of Fine Arts categories


(For those that have participated with Fine Arts in the past, things will function the same as they have in previous years. After the "All Connect" gathering from 1:00-1:40pm, students will break off into their Fine Arts categories.)


Sports Group - Blocks 1 & 2 in GYM

Video Game Group - Blocks 1 & 2 in Prayer Chapel (Floor 2)

Bible Quiz Group - Blocks 1 & 2 in Cafe

For more information on Connect Groups, email