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JUNE 25-29 | MON @ 7:45AM - FRI @ 6PM




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RED Students is hosting Impact 2018 at Allison Park Church, a summer camp merged with a local missions trip experience. Impact is open to students going into 7th grade through graduating seniors. This week long experience is designed to be a youth camp and local missions trip all in one. During the day, students will be a part of the Kidz Kaboom team and will be actively involved in working with elementary age students. In the afternoon and evening, students will get to do things like compete in games, hang out at a swimming pool, and be a part services where they can connect with God. Although Impact would usually cost $100 per student, Allison Park Church has taken on 75% of the expense because we know how life-changing this week is and we don't want price to be a barrier.

Please be sure to read the IMPACT DRESS CODE at the bottom of this page



and now closed






**DRESS CODE** (Please see below)


Do I have to register online?

Yes, all registration is taking place online. If you do not want to pay with a credit/debit card, please fill out the form and click Submit, then Finish & Pay at the bottom. This will take you to the payment page where you can change payment type to "pay with cash" and you will be able to pay the admission cost at check-in. Please note that students MUST pay their registration cost in full before they will be allowed to attend Impact.

What do the students need to bring?

The students will need: Toiletries, Towels, Air mattress/Sleeping bag (no larger than twin size), Blanket, Pillow, Clothes for 5 days (extra clothing is encouraged), Athletic clothing, Swim suit

I have an event during Impact that I need to be at. Am I able to leave and come back?

Students who indicate the need and specific times they need to leave at registration will be permitted to leave and return later. Any student under 18 must have a parent, in person, sign them out and then back in.

Are students required to stay overnight?

Students are strongly encouraged to stay overnight at Impact as we feel this is an important part of experiencing everything Impact has to offer. If a student is not able to stay overnight a parent must, in person, sign the student out and then back in the next morning.

Where will students be sleeping?

There will be rooms reserved for boys and girls on opposite ends of the building. Each sleeping area will be staffed with multiple adult chaperones. We strictly enforce the rule that nobody is permitted in the sleeping quarters of the opposite gender. Beds and bedding will not be provided - students will need to bring their own sleeping materials. Some students choose to bring air mattresses (SINGLE MATTRESSES ONLY) while others choose to just bring sleeping bags.

Will showers be provided?


Are cell phones allowed?

Cellphones are allowed, but strongly discouraged. We understand the importance of having a cellphone available in case of emergency, but we also realize that cellphones can distract from what God wants to do during this week.

Should students bring money?

Students shouldn't need money during Impact but are welcome to bring money at their own risk.

What about students who drive?

Students are permitted to drive to Impact. However, all students who drive are asked to submit their keys. This prevents students from leaving unexpectedly, helping all adult chaperones to account for every student and avoid any liability.

What should students do about medication?

All medication must be submitted to the nurse at check-in on Monday morning. The nurse will be on site throughout the week to distribute medication at the appropriate times. Students will not be permitted to have medication in their own possession under any circumstances.

What should students do about food allergies?

Students should indicate all allergies on the online registration form when signing up for the Retreat. Food throughout the weekend will avoid peanuts and will include options for those will lactose intolerance. If there is concern about a student not being able to eat the provided food because of allergies, that student should plan to bring food options for the weekend that accommodate their specific needs.

Still have unanswered questions?

Contact Pastor Dave ( or Pastor Josh (




Since much of the time at Impact will be spent working with elementary age kids, we ask that students dress within these guidelines for the duration of Impact in order to set the best possible example for the kids and their parents. Thank you!



  • no visible undergarments

  • no clothing bearing statements or pictures which would be morally inappropriate


  • shorts must be fingertip length

  • no leggings, jeggings, or tights worn as pants (allowed as accessory item to a skirt/dress with hemline that reaches the knee)

  • shoulder straps for dresses and tops must be at least 3 fingers wide

  • no back-less, see-through, excessively revealing or tight fitting clothing

  • no visible undergarments

  • no visible cleavage

  • no pants with words across the buttocks